Types of packaging

Different depths and
different materials

Whether it's an order for a single package or industrial size orders, the customer can choose from any foam on the market.

We can satisfy even the most demanding requests such as personalizing the packaging based on the company’s colours, as well as “shaping the depth of the compartments to perfectly hold the object”, therefore creating a tailor-made packaging.

An example would be a briefcase with an interior that is customized to hold specific products made using customer requested materials.

1 2 Taglio 3d
1 Vani con profondità personalizzate 01.svg 02.svg 2 Personalizzazione del 1° strato a vista per il quale è stato scelto un materiale ad alta densità atto a garantire lunga resistenza allo strofinio ed usura.

Equal depths and different materials

By providing us with the vectorial file of the external shape of the products to be protected and packaged, we make trays made from single or multilayer materials and obtain compartments that have the same depth which perfectly "embrace" your parts.

Single layer material
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01.svg 1 An example of using different materials with different densities, capacities and colours to meet both practical and aesthetic needs. 02.svg 2 Made using a noble material such as EVA (polyethylene-based plastic material) with a density of 100 kg/m3. 02.svg 2 The bottom can be customized with a different material or colour from that of the holding tray.
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1 H 300mm 2 H 200mm 3 H 160mm 4 H 110mm