The Company

Formabox is the brand of Tecnoguarnizioni Group srl, a company founded in 1977, that is dedicated to the world of personalized packaging.


With over forty years of experience in processing all technical materials, including foams, we produce protections/packaging based on either the customer's design or our own design using the most advanced technologies.


In today’s fast-paced world, protecting the fruits of your labour is of primary importance.
Packaging has become a determining factor for the success of a project: it must be secure but not bulky, elegant but inexpensive, fast to assemble but easy to dispose of. All these features can be found in our creations: Formabox by Tecnoguarnizioni, has been designing and manufacturing tailor-made packaging for years, providing high quality and cutting-edge solutions.


Strengthened by our experience in this sector, we always keep a stock of selected types of foam in our warehouse so that we can satisfy urgent requests or create samples within 24 hours; for customers who need to use specific materials, we give maximum effort in quickly obtaining them from our suppliers.